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Your wellness journey starts here!

We are excited to walk alongside of you.

It is as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1

Complete your new patient paperwork.

These forms are crucial to the success of your journey with us! We take an extensive history for every patient to ensure we partner together on the most comprehensive wellness plan for you.

Step 2

Turn your new patient paperwork in.

You can do this by dropping off at the office or by emailing

Step 3

Schedule your appointment.

You can call the office at 281-554-8600.  We generally get with you within an hour of getting your new patient paperwork but feel free to call ahead. 

Your First Exam with of Doctor or Clinical Nutritionist will be a thorough review of your history, your unique challenges, and various assessments. If you have bloodwork, please bring it with you. Testing during your exam will include a body fat/bmi assessment, an intracellular water capacity test, an ortho-static hypertension test, a calcium assessment and more. 

With two decades of clinical experience, we can accurately assess most health concerns and point you to the right place on your journey. We are excited to see the changes that can come through proper nutrition with the wellness techniques throughout our clinic. 

Your clinician will help you understand our proven Wellness Journey plan for you. You will leave with a step forward and a plan to come back in a week for your Report of Findings.

Your clinician is here to walk with you each step of the way! On this health journey, you need a guide. Countless hours of seminars, studying from the “Greats” in the industry, and mentorship from the cutting-edge functional medicine doctors in the country have brought us to being one of the top clinics in the country!