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With over 30,000 named diseases and the list growing yearly it has become apparent that we need to change our approach to the way we take care of ourselves. If the United States is so scientifically advanced, we would not see so much suffering day in and day out. We have found the real answer to disease lies with foundational principles that give rise to healthy bodies.

During your time working with our clinic we will adhere to core principals that will support a body capable of healing itself no matter the diagnosis. We are not treating, curing, or diagnosing your disease. We are supporting the body and the body has the potential to reverse the degeneration process that leads to disease. Most people underestimate the body’s ability to successfully achieve optimal health because they have only tried fighting symptoms and disease while ignoring the underlying principals we address in “The Just Get Well Program”. This is what we base our success upon

The following principals of foundational health are listed in order of priority, with the most important described first:

The Basics

This is giving the body the basic building blocks for all cells in the body to begin functioning like God created them to function. We design a simple wellness kit to fit your basic needs. We build this off of vitamin, mineral, and essential fatty acid tests we do in the clinic. These core nutrients are specific to your needs. Every patient or potential patient should purchase a wellness kit even if they can’t work “The Just Get Well Program” into their life for what ever reason.

Blood Sugar Balance

The ability of the body to properly control blood sugar and regulate insulin and Cortisol levels (two hormones that drive the aging and stress handling pathways) is essential to promoting health, energy, and longevity. Our body has 5 hormones designed to raise blood sugar and 1 hormone designed to lower blood sugar. We live in a world where blood sugar is running through the roof and the one hormone (insulin) can’t keep up (diabetes and obesity). You may not have these diagnoses but we have seen clinically that every patient, to some degree, has blood sugar swings causing fatigue, insomnia, hormone problems, immune system problems and more.

Mineral Balance

When we become too acidic (from toxicity, food allergies, emotional stress, infectious burdens, poor lifestyle habits etc) we experience increased inflammation, irritability and emotional intensity (angry outburst, mood swings, frustrations). The most powerful effect over this acidity problem is to bring the body out of the acidic (inflammatory stage) into the alkaline (healing and balance) stage. We do this by balancing minerals in the body. These may be calcium, magnesium, iodine, phosphorus and others. These are evaluated on “The Just Get Well Program.”

Inflammatory Removal Process

As we age, inflammatory levels increase due to poor choices occurring in our lifestyles and our bodies inability to keep up with the accumulation of stressors. This is poor sleep habits, eating habits, TV habits, lack of or over exercise habits and more. Many believe that an elevated inflammatory level is the entrance to almost all degenerative diseases. Inflammation is powerfully affected by allergens, chemicals, metals, food additives, and sweeteners, which act as engines that stimulate the inflammatory process. Identification and removal of the basic inflammatory engines can reduce inflammation and improve the body’s ability to repair itself.

Endocrine/Hormonal Health

The hormones are the most powerful control system of the body and must be balanced in order to activate the body’s other powerful systems of repair and healing. Most people lead challenging lives complicated by hormonal disruption and glandular depression. Gradually we will detoxify the hormone disrupters that interfere and block normal hormone activation, while also topically strengthening and repairing the seven levels of glands that comprise the endocrine/hormone system.
Immune Burdens

Immune Burdens

Due to incomplete immune process and the use of physiology-interrupting drugs, infections and infestations of parasites, and toxicity can be carried in the body as a low grade subclinical burden. Even though we may be unaware of these burdens, they, nonetheless exhaust immune functions running down the bone marrow and leaving the body vulnerable to other more lethal issues.

Circulatory Status

Understanding has expanded to see that loss of circulation can cause tissue weakness and even death (necrosis) resulting in the onset of a complexity of diseases. More and more people are using natural remedies to successfully reverse circulatory blockages and bring renewal and healing to the oxygen/nutrient starved tissues distal to the blockages. In any longevity discussion, circulatory status must be addressed.

Tropho-Restorative Cycles

The body knows how to repair and correct its’ own imbalances, yet so often these normal corrective functions are misunderstood and thwarted with drugs or lifestyle that interrupts the normal process. Fever is an example of a commonly misunderstood process of correction. It is vital that we become familiar with the difference between a healing crisis of repair and a disease crisis so that the normal self-correcting processes can be allowed to complete themselves and complete correction can be realized.


For many, health and disease are mysteries that make them uneasy about the stability of life. It is only because they have never understood how this body was designed to maintain itself. If we are healthy, it is because we have employed the laws that welcome health function, which include each of the above foundational principles. If disease occurs it is always because the foundations that maintain health have been compromised. It is good to stop living in terror with the mystery of who gets sick and why others don’t. Health has a cause!

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