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Dr. Chapa and his wife Tiffani began Living Well Clinical Nutrition Center in 2007. They saw a need for people to find the root problems of disease and illness.

Dr. Chapa attended Texas Chiropractic college and has learned from the nutrition masterminds in the whole-food nutrition industry with Standard Process, Apex, Nutriwest, Ortho-Molecular, Premier Research Labs, and many others. His practice revolves around the philosophy that the body wants to heal itself if given the right tools.

Discover optimal health no matter what the issue

Have you ever watched TV and heard a drug ad and said to yourself, “that drug might be good for me?” If that thought has entered your mind or been vocalized over your lips, you are experiencing some symptom pattern you were not genetically born with.

We want to propose this question. Were you born a healthy baby? Did you have symptoms like fatigue, headaches, fibromyalgia, insomnia, mood swings? Most people would say they were healthy babies and they developed these symptoms later in life. If that is the case then what do you think happened? Why were you a relatively symptom-free, healthy baby that developed chronic symptoms patterns as you have aged? Something changed. It must have, otherwise you would not be searching for answers to chronic symptom patterns you currently are dealing with. There is an underlying cause.

As we age, inflammatory levels increase due to poor choices occurring in our lifestyles and our bodies inability to keep up with the accumulation of stressors. This is poor sleep habits, eating habits, TV habits, lack of or over exercise habits and more. Many believe that an elevated inflammatory level is the entrance to almost all degenerative diseases. Inflammation is powerfully affected by allergens, chemicals, metals, food additives, and sweeteners, which act as engines that stimulate the inflammatory process. Identification and removal of the basic inflammatory engines can reduce inflammation and improve the body’s ability to repair itself.

Trust is everything

We are firm believers that if you don’t trust your doctor, you will not get results. We tell every patient that if you and the doctor don’t link arms together on your case and forge ahead as a team, you won’t make it. We pride ourselves on working with you and your experiences on your case. We believe that without this foundational understanding, we could not be as successful as we are. We acknowledge that working on your individual case is a sacred journey toward a highly functional and more vibrant and appreciative experience through life.

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