Pediatric Program

We all want to give our children the best start we possibly can in life, right? It’s extremely important to instill healthy habits in our children as early as possible so that they can enjoy their health to the fullest. That’s why we’ve got ten reasons why parents should enroll their children in the Living Well Pediatric Program.

Change your kids’ eating habits

Kids’ eating habits are set in stone by 9 years old. This doesn’t absolve you from making changes if your child is over 9 years of age, but it does mean you have some work to do if you want to make changes. Start today. Start now on the road to building your health future. Every choice you make today will change the course of your life quality potential.

Set them up for a healthy life

Osteoporosis is a childhood disorder, not an elderly disorder. Your children’s needs neurologically are expansive, and the vitamin, mineral and essential fatty acid levels needed are also large. If you miss your child’s nutritional needs early on, you set them up not only for many childhood disorders, but also for advanced aging diseases that many suffer with in today’s world.

Teach them the difference between good food and bad food

All life starts and stops at the cellular level, and nutrition is the fundamental backbone that allows your health to set sail toward greatness. Too often, top breeders care for their prize pig, lead horse, or exotic breed dog or cat more than they care for their own health. We need to focus our learning on how to care for our bodies early on in life and teach young people the difference between real food and fake food. There is a difference, and that is what we want you to learn.

Get real life advice on how to eat healthy

You become what you eat! If you want to become a sugar-filled lump of dough, then we encourage you to eat donuts or pastries. However, if you desire to become fresh and vibrant, we challenge you to eat fresh, vibrant foods. If you are unsure of what a “sometimes” food is versus real, life-giving food, let us share our experiences with you.

Food is your medicine

We should reach out less for pharmaceuticals and reach deep in the soils of the earth to lift out rich nutrients our bodies not only desire but deeply crave. Let’s pay local farmers, not the pharmaceutical companies. It is your life, your health, and your choice to choose wisely your medicine. Food has always been and will always be our first choice to regeneration, healthy adaptation, and longterm healthy aging. I am not saying you have to live perfect, just become aware of when to say no and when it is okay to say yes.

Avoid the top five most common deadly food additives

The sugar in a coke and a cookie can weaken your child’s immune system up to 8 hours. I am a firm believer that if sugar was introduced into our society today, that it would be labeled a controlled substance. That’s right – it would be a drug. Sugar isn’t even in the top 100 most common food allergies, because it isn’t even a food. It is now placed in the category of 5 most deadly food additives.

Boost your child’s immune system

Chronic infections are not normal, and your family or child has suffered long enough. It is your time to learn how to allow your child’s immune system to fight off infections and infestations more naturally. After all, it was designed to adapt and heal from challenges for the most part.

Expand your child’s horizons

Children and most families eat the same 11 meals over and over. This being said, people do only what they know how to do, not what they want to do. It is exciting to open up your family and your chid to a world of great tastes, textures, and true health that comes through finding a diet plan that works for them. We are confident that if your child gets early exposure to a variety of textures, sour, salty, sweet, and bitter tastes, then they will be more prone to living with a more savory palate.

Help your child to grow up strong

Food is the very fuel necessary for driving success in sports. If you put the wrong fuel in a race car, it won’t go far if anywhere at all. So why do we feed our young athletes junk food? I could spend an hour listing out the benefits athletes could get from eating wonderful, fresh, vibrant foods, but it should just make sense. Garbage in, garbage out. This means more sprains, pulled muscles, and time missed in the game, and you and your child missing out on the potential memories both parents and children desire. Let us teach you how to fuel your child’s health to maximize their growth potential and how to set up your kid’s health for future gain.

Teach your child important life lessons

One of the life lessons we teach our children is that we do hard things. Choosing to live out life denying our flesh is an important skill. Are we going to develop an emotional connection to food, or find a better outlet when stress hits? This starts early in life and starts with the example mom and dad set out for their kids to follow. Living Well programs are for families wanting to take their mind, body, and spirit to new heights. The better you feel, the better your perform in life, the more positive a mark you leave on those around you, and the more the impact you have on the world is felt beyond your capacity to really ever see.

You see, when you feel well, your patience is more tolerant, your love is more deep, and your ability to let life touch you is exponential. Again, we strive to start these principals early and will teach you and your child that your approach to life is in the attitude you have toward food. Let your choices be guided by the Living Well program.

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