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In a world where we are supposed to be technologically advanced and ahead of our ancestors, we find that we are coming up with more drugs to fight diseases, and creating new names for diseases to create new drugs. We are working to change the minds of many already diagnosed with diseases that are taking medication to seek a new way of doing things.
More people are realizing that drugs can’t fix their disease – they only mask the problem. It’s like painting over rust. Sooner rather than later, the disease is going to surface again, but next time with a vengeance. The only way to correct the issue you are dealing with is to get to the root cause of your issues and change at that level.
We call this upstream medicine. Our office was founded on narrowing down the underlying causal link in the chain that may be keeping you from reaching your health potential. We have found that food allergies, infection, infestations, metal toxicity, chemical toxicity, non-infectious allergies, structural issues, lymphatic blockage, vascular insufficiency, electromagnetic pollution, and emotional wellbeing are potential areas that every one deals with to some degree. Sometimes, a summation of every area creates the physiological breakdown. Other times, the system is breaking down because of an overload in one of these areas. If you are dealing with some health issue or know someone who is, you owe it to yourself and to those that are in need of a mindset change to use our site, our resources, and our office as a compass back toward ideal health.

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For many, health and disease are mysteries that make them uneasy about the stability of life.

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