Lets Talk About Fructose

Live And Let Die…A View To Kill…License To Kill…I usually don’t put James Bond movie titles next to the beautiful, God-given fruit our earth produces, however you must know what FRUCTOSE is and why the culprit, FRUIT in mass quantities will kill you! Fructose is fruit sugar. So, it’s healthy, right? Did you know that fructose from eating fruit (in large amounts) will contribute to liver damage? What does that mean for you? That means that over five hundred jobs the body does each and every day are not being done efficiently. This leaves you tired, restless, brain dead, and irritated.
So a healthy liver is a huge deal and you need to know this simple information. Fructose (sugar from fruit in large amounts) also turns into fat faster than any other sugar. Yikes! It is not good at all when I would say even cancer patients, or chronic illness patients embark on a healthy living plan and get frustrated that no weight was lost in the one week they were eating healthy. Point is weight loss is a top priority for most everyone.
Eating too much fruit as so many people do, needs to be managed to a daily consumption of 25 grams or less per day. Another rule to follow would be to consume 2 vegetables to every 1 fruit you consume throughout the day. Fruit can be healthy, but when over-consumed, fruit changes from a healthy natural food to a poison and a major contributor to disease. So, use these Bond titles when it comes to over-indulging at the fruit counter…Dr. No…You Only Live Twice (cause you only live once)…Tomorrow Never Dies (cause it will).

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